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Here are some of the great benefits you'll get from my One-on-One Online Lead Generation Coaching:

  • Learn how to get more traffic, leads and customers
  • Find out what is and isn’t working
  • Define & build your online media strategy
  • Learn from best practices, case studies & examples
  • Customized training to your needs / learning level
  • Follow Up Support for questions that arise after training
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Choose the right way

Learn what works for your business e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, Adwords, Analytics and others.

Secrets & Send Offs

I will share little insider secrets and tweaks that will give you a competitive edge.

Design to convert

Learn how to optimize for conversions, so you can turn more of your visitors into sales leads.

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"Claus is a quite brilliant individual who is a pleasure to work with, inspiring to others and has an outstanding knowledge of business and is a great source to pull ideas from."

- Nick Hunt

My consultation with Claus was well worth the small investment. He not only gave me good feedback about which tools to use, but also had some great suggestions for my overall marketing.

- J.H.O. Schulz

He is not only a passionate and responsible Online Marketing Professional but also an inspiring strategist. I would highly recommend speaking with Claus if you are considering to optimize your online media stratey.

- Matt Gordon

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